Saturday, October 07, 2006

Say "High" Franklin

One of my son's favorite activities these days is to climb up on his father's computer chair. This beats turning the computer off, a hobby which he grew tired of but not nearly as quickly as others who sit in this chair. He likes the chair. It was cheap, I think I bought it from the nutty professor for about 300NT. It lacks arms, but that's ok. Except, that arms would keep Frank from climbing up or falling out from time to time.

I'm not sure exactly how this was discovered, but when the chair is spun in circles while occupied by the child, it produces a mildly narcotic effect in the spinee. 30 seconds of spin produces 5 seconds of wobbling, .5 seconds of free-fall, and an additional 30 seconds of giggling, followed by calls for more of the same.

Until he fell out of the chair and landed on his little noggin. No, that one wasn't too funny. But, to the boy's credit, he was ready for more spinning in the chair before his father was ready to deliver it.

In the absence of parental enablement, Franklin stands in the middle of the room with his arms outstretched and spins himself in circles while staring at the tile floor. He's certainly aiming to land on his ass, but often a face-plant seems to be more likely. This is why his mom and I are both thrilled that he does this with his arms outstretched, as he hasn't missed bracing himself yet.

I tried spinning myself this evening. I made three turns before the wife put a halt to it.

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