Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Evening, 10:45

Franklin's balancing things on his head. Yesterday, it was a plastic mastadon from the Burger King up across from the railway station in Hsinchu. Today, it's his sippy cup. Tomorrow, he's taking up plate spinning. Too bad Ed Sullivan's not around anymore.

Frank's buddy Leica is enjoying having a playmate on his level; he delivers balls and chew toys to the boy's side and waits for them to be tossed a few inches away. Yesterday, after months of watching, Franklin transfered the dog dish from the counter to the floor without spilling a single kibble. Then, he helped Leica eat, by grabbing huge handfuls of the stuff and tossing it in the air.

When he drinks water, it's usually from a yellow cup with two handles and a straw, and it's not often that he takes more than a couple perfunctory sips before depositing the cup by the wayside. Now, he's been introduced to freshly squeezed orange juice, purchased from our friends on DaTun Rd across from the traditional market. This he drinks like it's going outta style.

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