Monday, May 01, 2006

Everyone is Okay...

...but you wouldn't know it by the trail of blood which until moments ago led from the elevator to our kitchen. Franklin's been to the emergency room for his first injury, and his mom and dad survived.

We went to pick the boy up at his babysitter this evening. The weather here is quite warm in the evenings now, so Maggie, Leica, and I walked the 10 or 12 blocks to go meet him and to enjoy the smells of all the restaurants, and the sites along the way home.

We got into the elevator and Frankie plopped down on the floor to rest. When the elevator got to 11 and the doors began to open, he stood up and steadied himself on the elevator door frame, but the tips of his fingers were drawn into the crack as the door opened all the way. In extracting his fingers, several layers of skin got were peeled back for about a quarter inch at the most on middle fingers of his right hand.

Maggie and I responded quickly amidst our son's howls. I rushed him inside and ran his hand quickly under the sink as mom grabbed the gause off the kitchen table while calling the guard to get a taxi. We were downstairs within 90 seconds of the accident and in the emergency room about 4 minutes after that. Our taxi driver ran a red light on Wenxin Rd to get us there.

I held Franklin on the examination table as the doctor and two nurses snipped the skin from his fingers and prepared bandages for the three damaged digits. The good news is that he didn't need stitches, a decision the doctor made because giving anethesia to a boy Franklin's age could affect his brain. The other good news is that no bones were broken. Even more good news is that the fingers have almost completely healed and he no longer cries when we change the bandages.

Apart from that, all is well. Maggie is 7 weeks pregnant with #2. That is, she's constipated and going to have our second child, possibly around December 19th.

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