Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Brilliant Son

Franklin is weighing in at 11.1 kg and stands up well past my knee (about 83cm tall.) His development continues at a staggering pace. For some time now, he's been able to put the round block in the round hole and twist the wooden washer down over the pole, now he just goes through the paces real quick for company so he can get back to his theorems.

This morning, as his mom and I lay groggily in bed, Frank took his bottle in one hand, and with the other managed to unplug and reconnect Maggie's cell phone to its charger. This he did four times in a row.

He's been climbing as well. From the wooden chair in the living room, Frank can reach the light switch and the intercom phone which connects to the security guard downstairs. He figured out yesterday that when pushing the chair back from the dining room table, he can climb from the chair to the plateau where all kinds of wondrous and dangerous treasures are kept; scissors, wine opener, feng shui crystal ball, and the dozens of trophies his father holds for his exceptional achievments and for his modesty. All of these things were relocated within three minutes of de-summiting the boy.

He's still not a superstar when it comes to selecting wine. I think this comes of letting him walk through the wine aisle instead of carrying him, as the better wines tend to be on the top shelf.

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