Saturday, September 04, 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I KNOW!

Long time no pictures. Sorry Grandma. But, as Frank's in the other room doing his homework, and Gretchen is staying busy next to him with a book while mom is off shopping at the market, I thought I'd take a moment, crack open a bottle of Castlemaine XXXX and note down what Maggie told me about Franklin's dream last night.

For quite some time he's had dreams about fires. I'm not sure if they're nightmares or not, but he doesn't seem to be waking up screaming.

Ha ha. Point of Stream of Consciousness: the other day he asked me to make him a CD to listen to as he went to sleep. I made a playlist with some favorites including "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," a song which he has just discovered. It was track 16.

The night I burned the CD and put it on his CD player, I was completely beat. School has just started and I'm putting in 13-14 hour days, so as soon as I pressed play and kissed him goodnight, I left him to the tunes and collapsed in bed. This must have been about ten.

About 45 minutes later, I hear screaming "DAAAAA_DEEEEEEEE!!!!!" the sound of which for the last 5 and a half years has launched me from my bed day or night wide awake and loaded for bear. I rushed into the room ready to kill whomever was setting fire to his curtains only to find him bouncing up and down on his bed saying "Thank you for putting this song on my CD! It's my favorite!"

He's also listening to They Might Be Giants and is a big fan of The Beatles' Revolver.

I've been telling him at night to "turn off your mind, relax and float downstream" as a way of getting him calm and in the mood for sleep. Revolver is a pretty sleepy album.

On the weekends, we let the kids read stories, play, and sleep together at bedtime, and this they did last night. I had to be at our school early Saturday morning to unlock and prepare for testing, so Maggie stayed behind and got the kids presentable and followed up later.

Franklin had a bit of a bad dream in which he said a stranger took him away in a car.The bad guy took him to her house. It was a lady bad guy. She took him to his house and she told him to choose a hat. He said 'No!" Then, apparently the cavalry arrived in the person of Mom, Dad, and Kleine Schwester.

Gretchen vehemently suggested that the next time this happens, Franklin should stab the bad guy in the eye with a sword! Zoiks! Franklin considered this a moment before vetoing in the idea because it would result in permanent blindness for the kidnapper.

Maggie can't help but point out that this is a middling good illustration of the two kids' personalities.

Pictures later. KTHANX.

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