Monday, September 06, 2010


Franklin lost his first tooth last week and Gretchen probably said "Shit" for the very first time in her life, though these two items are almost certainly not related.

Frank noticed a couple weeks ago that his bottom tooth was loose, but thanks to Grandma's suggested reading "One Morning in Maine," he knew what was going on and didn't fret a bit. He was pretty excited to be growing up. I asked him to remind me to find a picture of the tooth fairy online. Fortunately he wasn't hovering as I did so as a Google search turned up a number of frightening images.

One day, about a week and a half after the wiggling began, the tooth popped out of its place while we were all enjoying some after school time on the playground. There was a plastic envelope in the teachers' room, and the rest of the day was spent planning bedtime. Next morning, the TF had been and left $NT50.

The local custom is to toss bottom teeth on the roof of the house to encourage growth of the adult tooth. Top teeth go under the house if possible with similar purpose. I fly in the face of tradition, however, and went with money. Wasn't sure the going rate, however, and enlisted the help of Facebook friends who have had similar experience lately. 50NT was at the low end of the spectrum, it seems. Maybe we'll just work up to $US10 a tooth! That can turn into real money before you know it!

Anyhow, as promised, here are some recent photos of Frank.

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