Thursday, September 27, 2007


Heard late yesterday afternoon that Franklin was feeling a lot better at teacher's. Last night he even walked from the bathroom to his bedroom with a melodramatic limp. His fever came back around midnight accompanied by some shaking. I spent the night with him last night in case he needed something. He woke up about 9 this morning after I'd gone to school, looking for Baba. Maggie says that he still has a low-grade fever but seems not to be suffering from the pain in the ass the nurse gave him. His appetite is coming back.

Early Evening: Teacher Swim reports that Franklin is up and walking around and playing with his friends. We'll go back to the doctor for more heat therapy this evening which will be fun for Frank since last night he discovered what a stethoscope can do.

Later Evening: Fact Checking--Maggie says Streptococcus immunization +32 other viral nasties. Not pneumonostrocotacoularlo whatever.

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