Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pneumonia Shot

I think this is what Frankie had on Monday evening. The doctor said pneumonococo-something. Frank's having a bad reaction to it and I'm having difficulty finding info online because of a heavy post-holiday workload, and uncharacteristically poor Googling on my part.

Monday morning, Gretchen went to the doc about her fever, turns out she has chang bing du (enterovirus) for which she was prescribed medication. Last night (Tuesday) she slept through the night wihtout complaint. When Maggie got back on Monday, she asked that I take Frank to see the doctor in the evening for his latest shot--the last one before he goes to elementary school, I'm told.

We went, and he kept saying "No shot, I don't want a shot" under his breath, but he didn't start to cry until I picked him up and carried him to "The Chair." There he cried before the shot like most kids cry after it, causing several of the nurses to come back and inspect. He took it on the cheek and wished he hadn't had to, but calmed down sooner rather than later. He asked for some water which I gave him and which he drank without anything out of the ordinary happening. Then, I threw him over my shoulder and we went home.

Next morning, I woke him up at about half-nine, and his legs wouldn't carry him to the bathroom. He pointed to his bum and said it hurt, too. Took him back to the doctor Tuesday morning and the doc prescribed creme after checking the puncture wound for swelling--there was none. He was also given anti-inflammatories and pain meds, just in case.

We went to see dinosaurs at the museum. Frankie wanted Baba to carry him everywhere, so I did. Even in the kiddie maze on the second floor, he could do more than lean against the wall and wince.

Last night, his temperature climbed to 40C (104F) and he didn't sleep well at all. Maggie took him to the doctor again this morning. Doc says its an allergic reaction. Let him drink salt water. Give him a heating pad. Don't let the wound get wet. I wish I had been told that before I gave him a bath last night.

I'm hoping to hear some word that the fever has broken or that he's resting comfortably. Maggie and I will leave work very early today to take him home and give him some loving. Will take him back to the doctor if nescessary. We're worried sick, but I am confident that he'll be fine by tomorrow.

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