Monday, September 04, 2006

Recent Development

Franklin's speech has improved by leaps and bounds in the past week or so. In addition to his affection for the word "clock," he's been practicing a raft of Chinese words, mei-mei, ba-ba, nei-nei, dei-dei, ma-ma, bu-bu and quite a few others. His comprehension, suprises us every day. When we ask Franklin to "get your ABC book from the table and bring it here" he may be just responding to the first four words in the request, but he carries it out without hesitiation.

Today, being Sunday, we went to church at the science museum to see the Velociraptors and other dinosaurs which are, oddly, left out of the creation story in the christian bible. After we saw the animatronic dinosaurs (T-Rex & Velociraptor) Franklin practiced climbing up and down the stairs a few times, no small feat for his mother who is now five-months pregnant. I can still remember when I was able to take the stairs one foot at a time, and I think I was in nursery school. Franklin can climb steps like an adult if he's holding onto his parents' hands. We think he's wonderful.

When we got down to the bottom of the stairs, mom suggested that we go and look at the fish. I picked up Frank and carried him to the mammoth skeleton in the main entrance, and he led the way to the elevator and we followed him to the tropical fish tank on the second floor. When it was time to go, we told him so, and he took us to the elevator, pushed the button, and led us to the main entrance.

The kid is one year and eight months old. I can't believe how quickly he is picking everything up.

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