Monday, June 12, 2006


The World Cup began this past Friday with a barrage of goals for the home team. I think in the first game there were 3 in the first 17 minutes. I missed all of them as a certain toddler was pushing the limits of bedtime. Someone's mother has been letting him sleep in his parents' bed for a couple of weeks and he decided that it was a preferable roost. Daddy smelled trouble. Neither parent was able to sleep very well with a size two foot sporadically in the back or a nose exploring finger doing its job at four in the morning.

So Friday night I quickly cleaned off the big boy bed in Franklin's room and removed a wooden bookshelf that could be rather dangerous as soon as the boy figures out that it's climable. It took a little while to get him settled, but I think he was sleeping before one. He now does all of his sleeping in the room that used to be his father's office. I think the plan is that he'll share that room with number two whenever he/she arrives until we can move into a proper house in the next three or four years.

Right now, Franklin is eating a seedless grape and cheering on Japan. Correction, he's feeding grapes to Leica. So Romantic.

Australia scored three times in the last ten minutes to win 3-1! I can't fucking believe it. Franklin is a little discouraged, but he's young and will get over it in a matter of minutes.

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