Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day 2005

Chinese lesson. The number eight is translated as ba. And Ba-ba is Chinese for father. So, Taiwanese Father's Day is August 8th (8/8, get it?). On Father's Day, the Western one, Franklin learned how to put vowels and consonants together and spent most of the day saying "Mamamamamama." I was so touched. A little concerned, perhaps, that his /b/ is coming out sounding like /m/ but it was so thoughtful of the boy.

My day Sunday was spent partially on our wooden sofa wondering if naps were possible on such a thing as that. They're not, and I retired to the bedroom for uninterrupted slumber. It was the nicest Father's Day gift I believe I've ever received. It fit, was the perfect color, and I hope that I can get two for my birthday.

To update anyone who is reading on the tooth situation, Franklin now has as many teeth as there are beers in a six-pack. Four on the top and two on the bottom. It looks as if he's got a bit of a gap between the front two on top, kind of like David Letterman.

Last night's new trick: Maggie announced that he could "give five." I went in to confirm, and he sure could. And that's not all. Without having the rules explained to him, we immediately began playing the game where I put my hand down, and he put his hand on top, then I put my hand on his, and he put his other hand on mine and I put my hand on his, followed by him putting his on mine. Then, I put mine on his. He loved it. Mom & Dad were quite impressed as well.

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