Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ambulatin' at the Half-Year Mark

Quite a site to see. Just a couple of weeks ago, it took all the energy the little guy had just to turn over onto his side. Now, he's spinning. The kid's incredible. He's just like that due Jean Claude Van Damme in that movie where he does karate stuff and he gets knocked ass over tit and jumps back up. Did you ever see that one? That's just what Franklin's doing these days.

And not just, either. When we get home from work in the evening, first thing is to roll around with Franklin on the bed. He inched his way across the width of the bed last night in about 30 seconds. Tonight he made it a quarter of the way from the foot of the bed towards me before he took a near-tragic turn for the part of the bed which falls away and becomes floor rather quickly. Fortunately, Franklin's father's catlike reflexes were not dulled in the least by the kind of mind-numbingly dull work he does and tragedy was narrowly averted.

And that ain't all. Yeah, it just keeps getting better. Mom was giving Frank a bath just about an hour ago. Frank bathes in an orange tub that's about a meter in diameter and 10cm deep, The report is, that the baby, attached himself to the sides of the tub as it was time to get out and pulled himself to a standing position. No fooling. Of course he was about as steady as George W after too many pretzels, but he's moving forward, not...well, you know. My boy is a stander! And he did it hours before he turned six months old!

That's it.

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