Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Frank started his first morning of kindy today. In Taiwan, there are four grades of kindergarten and he's begun the "Small Class, " which is the second level after "Yo-Yo Ban." He's been looking forward to going to school all summer. Yeah, I know. Whose kid is he?

Today and tomorrow are orientation days. Today he went to get outfitted with his uniform, and tomorrow is another shake down. Thursday is a day off and he starts for real on Friday, August 1st. Maggie took him in this morning to meet his teachers (three per classroom) and classmates (didn't get an accurate count on that one). At 9:00 they had a snack of green bean soup, and Frank, though he had a facade of calm, barfed it all up. Good thing he had a change of clothes or two.

Mom said it was time for her to go back to work, and Frankie said he wanted to go with her, but in the end, his new classmates (some of whom still wear diapers! WTF?) invited him to play and he felt that he found a place where he belonged. Believe it or not, my boy is the tallest in the school. (No, it's not K-12)

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