Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cranky Franky

Someone is about to learn the phrase "Eat it or Wear It."
As you can see by the 3 beagle eyes in the picture below, mealtime is something of a chore at the BattApt. In Frank's bowl is some delicious xifan or rice porridge with beef and mysterious green stuff. The mysterious green stuff in my xifan last week was a green egg a la Dr Seuss. It was interesting, and something I ate twice, but nothing to write home about...hang on...maybe it was. Hmph.

The price of food is going up here as well. Gas is now around a dollar a liter and meals around town seem to have gone up almost a dollar in the first few months of the year. Or I could be making things up. I've quit eating out almost entirely, which is a big deal in Taiwan because the convenience of good food by the side of the road (like this xifan) is enticing. But as the price goes up, the portions get smaller, and the quality deteriorates.

Maggie went to the traditional market today and bought a HUGE bag of vegetables for NT$110, which recently is about $3.60US. That's the way to go.

In the meantime, I'm not force feeding Frank, or giving people food to the obese beagle (Maggie's habit, not mine). I say, if he's hungry, he'll eat. He had a big lunch today, and I like xifan so after an hour and a half I got to have a bowl of lukewarm porridge. Yum!

Happy 1200 Days Frankie!
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