Sunday, November 04, 2007

Noodling in Taiwan

Frank's come a long way. When Gretchen was still in hospital, I started to seriously figure out how to work a guitar, learned a bunch of chords from a book, and stayed up all hours messing around. Earlier in the evenings, before Franklin would go to bed, I'd serenade him with Woody Guthrie songs and a bit of Grateful Dead. Don't know if it was me or the guitar, but Frank thought something was just awful, and any noodling on my part took place long after he went to bed.

After Gretchen and mom came back from the hospital, my guitar time has all but disappeared. Every couple weeks, I'll pick it up and practice a couple progressions before a once little voice starts to say "Daddy NO!"

The other day, however, Frank picked up the guitar and started finger picking a little ditty around D. I picked up my bass and made musical noises with him. He dug it. I dug it. The boy's got rhythm, no doubt about it. It's nice to see that he's got an ear for melody, as well.

Frank's current favorite book is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He's putting himself to sleep after a story now. His current favorite Beatle is Ringo, and he really likes the album Beatles for Sale.

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