Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Day at Tunghai

Frank's been in a bit of a bad mood this week. All summer, the two of us were able to walk together to his baby sitter's house before I had to go to work around noon. We had lots of fun eating breakfast at the baseball stadium while the baseball camp participants took their morning exercise. Now that I'm leaving the house at half-seven every morning, he never sees me, and I never see him awake. Mom says that he's been alternating between fussy and despondent mornings, not wanting to change out of his pj shirt, and crying in the car the whole way to Teacher Swim's house.
I thought today might be a good time to take him out for some fun, so we went up to Tunghai to look at the cows at the student farm there. We saw cows, but the man on the Bobcat cleaning out the milking area ran us out of the vicinity, freaked out that I might have taken elicit bovine pictures.
Up the way a bit is the Tunghai Dairy where they sell fresh milk and ice cream. This alone was, in my opinion, worth the 30 minute walk from the parking lot.

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