Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Thinker

It's been awhile. No kidding. We're all healthy, just busy.

Franklin is growing up. We're reading Harry Potter at night now. In the day, we walk to the baby sitter in the morning, often stopping at the baseball stadium to see what's going on. A few weeks ago, Franklin took to the pitcher's mound and tossed a ball in the general direction of home plate. We were so proud.

He's 14.3kg and 99.5cm. His language skills continue to improve in English and Chinese. The other night, he sat down at his desk next to my computer and said to me "Laoshi wo bu hwei xie.//(roughly) Teacher, I can't write this homework."

It's still not very easy to go out to eat with the kids as Frank won't sit still at the table and prefers exploring. He's full of energy and keeping up with him is keeping my weight down.
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