Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Frank's New Hero

While Frank and I were hanging out together & mom was in the hospital, we'd have to find something for him to do while I was cooking dinner or doing the washing, so we both became familiar with Finding Nemo and Toy Story. Maggie and I have enjoyed going to see the Pixar movies when they come out, and Franklin sure gets a kick out of them, too now that they're on DVD. Frankie has gone through different phases--he's been terrified of the sharks in Nemo, but now he accepts them. He's had a crush on Dory, and an obsession with sea turtles.

The latter has reappeared after a short period of dormancy while he was on a Buzz Lightyear kick. These days, he's learning the names of the cast of Star Wars and I thought that Chewbacca was going to be his favorite. That is, until we got into The Empire Strikes Back, and he encountered Yoda. In the car he asks me if he can go home and see Artoo. When I ask if he wants to see Yoda, too, his eyes light up and he says "Sea Turtle? Otay!" When you look at them next to each other, it's pretty obvious.

Frank is a model big brother. When Gretchen needs a new diaper, he knows right where to go for them, grabs the right size, and brings it straight to mommy. He tells Leica to shush as he brings in a bottle of formula. We're all very lucky to have Franklin around the house.

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