Monday, August 07, 2006

Lowering Frank's Ears (First Time)

On Sunday we took Franklin to get his hair under control. It's been hotter than...well, hotter than I'd like it to be, ideally, and Frank's noggin has been sweatin' like a glass of ice water sitting on the kitchen counter. His mom and I took him down to the barber shop at the end of the block where I get my beauty serviced and by all estimates, they do a good job. Now, it's not traditional in Taiwan to take pictures of a baby getting his first haircut, so everyone involved thought I was just a little odd. I didn't point out that making a calligraphy brush with a child's baby hair was just a bit odd, and the local tradition of keeping the stub of the child's umbilical cord and encasing it in plastic for posterity is something about which I would scoff if I were not a well-educated, non-judgemental foreinger.

They gave us the option of Franklin sitting alone in the chair, or on my lap. I told them I would prefer to take a few pictures and if they'd wait just a minute or two, his mother would be in to sit with him. Honest. She's coming. See, I didn't make it up, here she is. They're about as impatient to start a haircut as my sister Gretchen is to get new batteries for her walkman.

Despite being a little anxious at the very beginning, Franklin learned to enjoy the warm vibrations of the electric clippers and we thought he was going to fall asleep. Haircuts in Taiwan have a way of being very relaxing.
Here's the end product. Not bad for 30 minutes' work.
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