Sunday, July 23, 2006

Franklin in July 2006

Today's Sunday--museum day. Franklin is slowly having his bottle in the next room, giving me time to fiddle about in here on the computer. Last Saturday, he helped us pick out this bean bag chair. It's orange with white circles (I desaturated the photo because the white balance wasn't quite right) and it's the best thing ever. It really ties the room together.
You talkin' to me? Franklin in his father's swim cap.

One of Franklin's first 15 or so English words is "turtle." He's speaking more and more Chinese now, but at the beginning, a month or so ago, he spoke about 90% English, proving once and for all, my friend Kris says, that English is easier to learn than Chinese. I think it's just because his father is a professional <ahem> English teacher. As potty training looms on the horizon, I expect "peeping turtle" to be added to his vocabulary before long.

Kind of a sloppy shot of our little fella sporting the shampoo horn.
Now it's time to go eat breakfast, look at the dinosaurs and visit a friend's 12 hour old baby.
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