Monday, July 10, 2006

For Want of A Better Place to Post....

Maggie's pregnant again, this time with a girl. Saw the doc today, and learned that we're 16 weeks along, and that the fetus's little chicken still hasn't appeared, so for all intents and purposes, what we have is a daughter in the works. Woo-hoo! I got the whole set! A son AND a daughter! And it's a good thing, too, because when we found out the first half of the news about 12 weeks ago, we only decided on a girl's name.

To tell the truth, until today, Maggie was dreading having a girl in the house. In Taiwan, boys are lucky and all that jazz, but she thinks that one must be especially careful with girls. If a boy has a scar, it's no sweat. But if a girl has an accident it's the end of the world. Scars are very unlucky. I think it's an example of reverse logic, or something like that.

We're calling her Gretchen Althea Batt. My sister Gretchen has led an innocent life and has taught the family many lessons whether we know it or not. She has made us who we are and is as loving a person as you ever hope to meet. I hope that being named after a "special" aunt, GABby will learn tolerance & charity. Althea is just a really cool Grateful Dead tune. It's an uncommon enough name, though I remember a Starbucks Barista here in town who had that on her name tag. I can't remember her at all, but I know that I complimented her name more than once. The intials GAB in effect name her after her mother, who can talk to anyone about anything. Never met a stranger.

Ahh. This one is due around the same time as Franklin, except two years later.

Cousin Ki-ki is over the moon as well, being the only girl in her generation. I think she's looking forward to brushing hair and having a life-sized Barbie. Maggie and I are only slightly nervous that this child will want the whole set of Hello Kitty. I think we'll be able to instill some anti-commercial values in the pair of them so that they don't get caught up in those brand-name crazes.

Franklin called it first. He's been pointing at mama's belly since before we even knew for sure, saying "Mei-mei?" The boy is in tune. We should call him Radar.

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