Monday, June 26, 2006

Not Just a Few Words

This evening, Franklin managed to put together a grammatically correct sentence with a subject, verb, and an object. Lately, he's beein doing passably well with a few nouns, like ball, dog, Leica; and a few commands like down, and bao. He has learned a few body parts and will point to them if asked, and he can recognize good music that warrants head bobbing.

Tonight I put him to sleep in his big boy bed with an array of stars glowing overhead and I pointed out a few constellations of my invention ("The Medium Dipper," "The Great Irregular Polygon," "The Bottle Brush," and "Homer Simpson"). Then we had a sing-a-long of selected works from The White Album at which point Frankie drifted towards sleep. This part of the day remains my speciality. I think it's because I'm boring and the things I talk about make very little sense.

Tonight, though, he was in that serene state between places when his eyes slowly bloomed and he let it go, "Ba-Ba, I wuv wu."

That's all there is.

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