Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Showers

Franklin is now, what...almost 16 months old. I can't remember when you're supposed to stop counting in months, but I think it may be two years. Or after 18 months, whichever comes first.

The boy is walking like no one's business. He's into everything and pulled down a cup of five minute old coffee on himself this morning. It wasn't room temperature, but he was not severely burned. Tears, wardrobe change, cool cloth, and time healed him up right as rain. Still and all, it was a horrifying experience that I think we all learned from. After his nap, he went straight back to the desk and tried to see what other things he could pull down and damage himself with. His favorite toy is the computer mouse, but he also likes to change applications by pounding on the keyboard. He has figured out how to change the music in iTunes, but his neither his taste nor his programming skills are developed yet. One thing at a time.

Last week, Teacher Swim told us that Frankie is a smart boy. It would be impolite to just say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard all that before. Tell us something we don't know," as I have to keep reminding Maggie, but I stepped in and asked, "Now what makes you say that, Teacher Swim?" with a hint of twinkle in my eyes. T.S. says that the kids she's had in her nursery usually learn how to go backward on a tricycle first and it takes time to get going the other way, but Franklin learned how to do both in one day. The kid is amazing. We took him around the neighborhood today with his tricycle. The trike we got at home is a little different. He can't reach the pedals, and he doesn't steer for beans, but he looks good.
These pictures are from this morning. I still need to clean up the afternoon's pictures which should feature Franklin's new haircut. On Monday, Mom thought that the reason behind Franklin's eye irritation was his Samsonesque hair and she trimmed his bangs while he was sleeping (sneaky woman) but a trip to the doctor a few hours later revealed that it was a case of conjunctivitis. A trip to a specialist, a prescription, some creme and some eyedrops and the kid looks good as new.

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