Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What's the Boy Up To?

Today Daddy is washing Franklin's bottom, so Mom has time to write in this blog. Today is Mom's first day "unempolyed" but Franklin still went to school, because everyone at school likes to be with him.
Franklin's room is clean now,so he can sleep or take nap in his room.He walks like a little bear, and goes inside Leica's house to steal Leica's ball.

Franklin walks with Daddy's chair, and can make it most of the way across the room while holding onto one hand. He can walk alone, but he prefers to crawl. Crawling for a long time makes children smarter. One of the kids' mother says that it can help kids to develop language ability much better. Franklin is learning three languages and can communicate with people very well. He can say bao if he wants to be picked up, he says da when he turns on the light, and he says down when Leica jumps up to take food off the table. At feeding time, he opens his mouth and says Aaaahhh! when it's time to shovel some more food down his gullet. He says "Thank You" with an earnest nod of the head, and when he has done something helpful he leans forward to receive a kiss on the top of his forehead.

We say Ba Sheng Feng! and Frankie raises his hand to say "Present!" With luck, he will be a better student than his mother and father combined. That's still not saying much.

Frank's computer skills are getting much better. He has learned where the Windows key is and can switch off the computer. He has also discovered the restart button and uses it with wreckful abandon.

Still and all, we know that his parents were married long before he was born and everyone who's ever met him says that he is the most adorable baby they've ever laid eyes upon. There are some pictures around here somewhere. Maybe tomorrow we can get them posted up.

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