Monday, November 14, 2005

Talked to the Boy Last Night

Franklin likes to talk on the phone, but he really loves to hold it when I call to talk. He's seen one of us pressing buttons on it, and his contribution to the conversation is not unlike R2-D2's contribution to the Star Wars Saga in that he's cute and produces beeping sounds. Maggie says that he has begun climbing up onto furniture and playing with the light switch.He enjoys hanging out in Leica's house. Leica is off at dog school for a month, so he didn't have any competition.

Maggie says that when she brings Franklin home at night and helps him out of the car seat, he reaches out and points at the place in the garage where I usually stand when they drive up. Maggie says it's as if he keeps staring at the spot hoping I will pop up out of the ground.

With the dog gone, Franklin reigns supreme over the floor of the house and moves about with lightning speed. Last week I heard that he can pull himself up to a standing position by holding onto the wall. He walks around the coffee table with ease.

I'll be home in about 16 days. More pictures then.

There are new Thailand pictures up at BattPhotos if you're interested.

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