Friday, July 29, 2005

Seven and a Half Months

But who's counting? More and more we are realizing that we've got a little person in our house. Franklin is starting to drink juice and eat rice porridge, his teeth are continuing to come in, and he is able to help open the bathroom door after his bath. In the past week, he's started pressing elevator buttons (and he does a much better job at it than some of the locals, I must say) and he can put his blocks back in the block bucket.

This morning, I drove to the baby minder's so mom could sleep in. When I dropped him off, he dismissed me with a wave of his hand. He is one cool little dude. Franklin loves laughing, and is getting good at getting around on two hands, two knees, ten toes, and a belly.

The most incredible thing, however, is that when mom holds his hands, Franklin can walk across the living room.

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